Erotica Writing

Quit your endless search for the perfect story that caters to your kinks!

Are you into erotica, but nothing you’ve read has quite hit the spot?

Are you an author or novelist and need an erotica ghostwriter to spice up particular chapters and scenes with adult content?

Are you looking to enter the highly profitable erotica ebook market with ghostwritten masterpiece stories?

Have you enjoyed an exotic, erotic experience and would like to re-live it via a personalized erotica story?

Imagine the pleasure of reading or publishing an erotic story written just for you! You have absolute control of every action, fantasy and fetish you desires!

Our creative ghostwriters will help you explore your craziest ideas, fantasies, and personal erotic experiences and bring them to life in an enthralling piece of magically written erotic stories (NO-JUDGEMENT ZONE)

Our seasoned creative writers will immerse you into a wild world personally crafted around your wildest ideas and fantasies.

We offer:

  • Character development with names of your choice
  • Customized target phrases (the things you love to hear, but in the words of your new favorite characters)
  • Customized settings (Time, period, and place)
  • Plot details (or we get the creative freedom to explore your ideas)
  • Exciting, explicit scenes (At least one per story)
  • LGBTIAQ+ inclusive
  • Kink/fetish friendly

NB: Our writings are almost without restrictions and are open to most kinks and fantasies except for bestiality, necrophilia, and pedophilia)


Express and explore your fantasies in the magical world of beautifully written erotic stories.


A Steamy Appetizer: Develop Your Wildest Ideas and Fantasies Into A Short, Sweet Erotic Masterpiece
$ 95 4 Days
  • Up to 2000 Words
  • Commercial Use
  • Competitor Research
  • Topic Research


Steamy Erotic Masterpiece: 2 Tantalizing Erotic Scenes
$ 225 6 Days
  • Up to 5000 Words
  • Commercial Use
  • Competitor Research
  • Topic Research


Realistic, Sizzling Erotica Page-Turner With 3 Scenes to Drive Readers Crazy
$ 445 10 Days
  • Up to 10000 Words
  • Commercial Use
  • Competitor Research
  • Topic Research

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