Service Terms and Conditions

Below are concise details of our service terms and conditions that typically answer some of the most asked questions regarding our services.

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We require payment upfront for all orders. Work cannot commence without payment. All payments are protected and secure using Stripe.

Content prices

Prices for each package are stated on each service page. If your project sways beyond the scope of our listed packages, get in touch for a custom quote HERE 



Topic Generation

We can create articles and blog titles for you. The cost of this service FREE

Content Uploading

We can upload your content for you and optimize your content in the back end for Yoast or other SEO plugins. The cost of this service is subject to negotiation. Get in touch HERE

Project Brief

We have a brief questionnaire for each of our offered services.

It is required that this questionnaire is filled out as best as possible by the client before work commences. The questionnaire takes just a few minutes to complete. If the client chooses not to provide a brief, they are entitled to a limited level of revision (please see our revision policy below).

Work on your project begins immediately after your payment is validated.

All orders with ContentDolphin must be done via email or a collaboration tool like Slack. This provides a record of the transaction and keeps communication in one place.

Project Delivery

It is our standard policy to deliver all project orders via email.

Revision Policy

Revision is a regular practice for content and copywriters. We endeavor to get it at the first draft, and we often do. However, delivered content might, in some cases, not be perfect with the first draft. We understand this and will complete the requested revisions within a few days at no extra cost to you.

Our Revision Policy is As Follows:

TWO (2) rounds of FREE revision in compliance with the initially supplied brief.

ONE (1) round of FREE revision at our discretion if you didn’t provide an initial project brief.

PS: A revision is defined as changes to the content/copy already written in draft form.

A revision is NOT a re-write.

A revision is NOT an edit to satisfy changes in the initial project brief.

If you request a revision outside of the initial project brief after the first draft, you will be charged a fee dependent on the complexity of your request.

A revision is NOT writing more pages than requested or extending the original order.

A revision is NOT altering the tone of voice – unless you provided a tone of voice document which we did not match.

A revision is NOT adding new components to a page to satisfy your own creative discoveries after we have written your content.

If you want additional information added to the delivered first draft, we will charge for the extra scope of work (which will be invoiced for before the revision).

To be eligible for revision under our policy, you need to supply us with a brief.

As part of our content and copywriting process, we will provide you with a template questionnaire to fill after your order. Alternatively, you can submit your own brief independent of the questionnaire (as long as it meets the scope of the package you ordered)

By supplying a brief that we agree on, you enjoy the entitlement of two rounds of revision. Further rounds of revisions are at our discretion.

If you do not supply a project brief, then by default, you are giving us creative freedom to work on your project as we see fit (Under the scope of the ordered package).

E.g. If you order blog content and only provide a topic/subject matter.

In this case, you are entitled to a limited single round of revision at ContentDolphin’s discretion.

Important notes:

We edit and proofread our work, so it is error-free. If you want your content to use specific language or grammar, you need to provide us with a defined tone of voice.

In the unlikely scenario, there is a typo or grammatical error; this will be rectified free of charge.

We generally only revise content if it does not meet the criteria set out in your initial project brief.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to check all content written by ContentDolphin before its publication.

Content Ownership

ContentDolphin holds no ownership right over the content written for customers. Customers will own the content written for them outright, without limitation.

Copyright Notice

Copyright protection and other relevant intellectual property rights exist on all electronic and printed text relating to Content Dolphin’s media, including the content of this website.

Reproduction, republication, or redistribution of any part of this website, by any means, is prohibited without the express written consent of Content Dolphin Limited.

By entering into our service, you acknowledge this information.

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